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As we shed our leaves

Happy New Year folks - Wishing you all, the best of 2018. This year I did not put together any new year resolutions yet there are a few goals I would like to achieve this year. The first one is about taking a leap of faith and the second one is on physical wellness.

Why do trees shed their leaves? In tropical and subtropical forests, trees shed their leaves at the onset of the dry season. Many types of trees shed their leaves as a strategy to survive harsh weather conditions.

Most deciduous trees have broad leaves that are susceptible to being damaged during cold or dry weather. In contrast, most evergreen trees either live in warm, wet climates or they have weather-resistant needles for leaves.

Shedding leaves helps trees to conserve water and energy. As unfavorable weather approaches, hormones in the trees trigger the process of abscission whereby the leaves are actively cut-off of the tree by specialized cells.

At the start of the abscission process, trees reabsorb valuable nutrients from their leaves and store them for later use in their roots. These trees know their weakness and they have a way to overcome them so that they can survive for long periods of time. 

How do we deal with our weaknesses? Are we mature enough to embrace our weaknesses so that we can find constructive ways of dealing with them for our own development? Are we able to reabsorb our nutrients, feed our strengths so that when it is time to shed our leaves - let go of our weaknesses - we are able to survive life's challenges.

How do we identify our weaknesses so that we can embrace them, use our strengths to develop n them? We receive feedback about who we are on a daily basis, if we do pay attention - from friends, colleagues, strangers, our children, families and yes, from self through introspection. Most of us do not pay attention to these feedback, we become defensive, blame others, blame life, our upbringing, socialization and everyone and everything else other than take ownership of our own growth and development.

If we do not acknowledge or embrace our weaknesses as human beings, we deprive ourselves of life's opportunity to grow. When we acknowledge feedback - irrespective of the source, we humble ourselves and open the door to self development - to become better beings. 

Here is to absorbing all the nutrients before we shed of our leaves as we survive the harsh weather that life throw at us - to emerge as better and developed wonderful beings.

Happy Born Day to all the January babies - God bless you all